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How to Win as a Buyer

If you hope to Win as a Buyer you must have agency representation Equal to that of the seller. That means having a competent Buyers Agent to represent you. The first thing a seller does upon entering the market is to select an agent, and stick with them!

Buyers should do the same!

An Agents services and expertise are almost always FREE to the buyer, yet some buyers do not take advantage of this valuable resource. They choose to read all the ads, drive all the neighborhoods, make phone calls to the SELLERS Agent, go to several lenders, and do all the leg work themselves. That's OK, but by doing so, they handicap themselves in three different ways.

One:     Less than 5% of the available listings will be advertised in any given week. So i

f you are only using the newspaper and Real Estate papers in your search you are passing up 95% of the available properties.

Obviously you have internet access or you wouldn't be reading this, but when searching on the web you have to re-input your search criteria every time you log on. And it sometimes takes several days from the time a home is listed, before information about it will reach these publicly accessible sites. And often the best homes are Sold, before you even know about them!

I can set up a custom search to monitor the MLS computer database. It will run your search for you and identify only the kind of property that you are looking for, and will automatically e-mail you the newest, hottest buys the same hour they get listed!

Two:     When a buyer contacts the Sellers Agent they risk tipping their hand to the person who's job is to get the highest possible price for the Seller!  As YOUR Agent I would be able to negotiate the best terms, conditions and price for you!

Three:     Every buyer’s financial situation and requirements will probably be different. Any good Buyers Agent will know in advance where to get the best financing options for the buyer or will be able to arrange a consultation with a Mortgage Broker, (also FREE to the buyer)who has access to dozens of sources for mortgage funds.

A Buyers Agent will help you to find the property that you want, negotiate the lowest possible price, the best terms for you, and be compensated from the commission paid by the seller to the sellers  agent. Truly a Win-Win solution for the Buyer!

Using a Buyer’s Agent easily resolves the most common complaints heard from buyers;

"the sellers agent didn't mention that!" and "every agent I call asks me a lot of personal questions,  and keeps calling me"

What to look for in A Buyers Agent

Experience and market knowledge: As with most things, expertise pays Big Dividends in a real estate transaction. An experienced agent knows the community, the market knows how to negotiate and draft clear and concise contracts that protect your interests and ensure your rights.

Credibility and Dedication to Service: You want a Full Time accredited professional whose livelihood depends on successfully and consistently closing real estate transactions. Your agent should deliver relevant market stats, information and new listings on a regular basis.

Communication and Confidence: it is extremely important that you are totally comfortable speaking with your agent about your goals, objectives and limitations.  Are you being understood? Do you feel that your agent is working as hard as you need them to? Regular feedback from you is also important so that your agent can accurately gauge the level of service you require. Every buyer has a different timetable and the level of service must match the need. Otherwise it can seem that the agent is either being "pushy" if you are not in as much of a hurry as they think you are. Or... they may seem too "laid back" when you real

ly have to be moved in the next 30-60 days!

What should your agent expect of you?

Once you have chosen your agent, Loyalty, and Honest Communication, is all we ask!  Always call Your Buyers Agent for information about any property that interests you, no matter who has the listing, we can get you what you need and want to know. When information is provided, give prompt feedback as to whether the property is of interest to you or not.

Remember, you have a self-employed business person working for you free of charge! If the

y are not providing the level of service you need, tell them!

If they are doing a great job, tell them, and they will probably work even harder.

Of course the nicest way to say thank you for a job well done is to...


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